Multipurpose Storage

We offer a wide range of FDA-approved food grade polypropylene containers for all types of storage applications. Most sizes are available with a regular, lock seal or custody flip top.

Can be used as:

  • Arts and crafts supplies storage
  • Confectionery packaging
  • Cosmetic product packaging
  • Environmental Sampling
  • Food packaging
  • Household product packaging
  • Liquid storage & packaging
  • Medical device packaging
  • Office supply storage
  • Paint samples
  • School treats
  • Small parts storage
  • Spice storage
  • Travel vials for personal products
  • Trial size packaging
  • Vitamin storage
  • Water testing


  • Economical storage for all types of samples
  • 100% Polypropylene Vials
  • Permanent hinge lid
  • Leak-resistant construction
  • Available in 22 colors
  • Air tight construction
  • Lock seal provides secure storage
  • Vials are shoulder-less and liner-less

Flip-Top Vial

image of chocolate chips

Capital Vial Canada’s unique custody containers feature a one-way, irreversible chain lock that secures the container once it is closed. The containers are available in six different sizes to hold a wide array of materials requiring tamper evident security. To open after use, simply cut the chain lock with scissors.


  • Irreversible chain lock secures containers
  • Transport and store sensitive materials and samples
  • Ideal for chain of custody storage of forensic evidence
  • Durable secondary container with tamper evident features for shipping a wide variety of biologicals
SKU Part Description Qty
02LS image of 2oz high profile lock seal vial clear 2oz high profile lock seal vial clear (23x84mm) 600/case
03CL Photo of 03CL vial 3oz flip-top vial (33x93mm) 400/case
04HP83HCP - needs attention 4oz High Profile Mold 83, High Clarity, with sodium thiosulfate Pill, with String
04HPLS Photo of 04HPLS vial 4oz lock seal vial (43x90mm) –high profile container 250/case
04LP Photo of 04LP vial 4oz low profile vial (63x50mm) 250/case
04LP12 Image of On-the-go 4oz/118ml Flip Top On-the-go 4oz/118ml Flip Top 12 vials/pack
04LPLS image of 4oz low profile lock seal vial clear 4oz low profile lock seal vial clear (63x50mm) 250/case
08CL Photo of 08CL vial 8oz flip-top vial (75x75mm) 150/case
08LS image of 8oz low profile lock seal vial clear 8oz low profile lock seal vial clear (75x75mm) 140/case
10023 Transport caddy with insert 100/case
10HPLS Photo of 10HPLS vial 10oz lock seal vial (62x110mm) –high profile container 100/case
10LSCL - need attention image of 10oz High Profile Lock Seal Clear 10oz High Profile Lock Seal Clear
2.5CL Photo of 2.5CL vial 2.5oz flip-top vial (50x50mm) 400/case
2.5CL12 Image of On-the-go 2.5oz/74ml Flip Top On-the-go 2.5oz/74ml Flip Top 12 vials/pack
90111 Photo of 90111 vial Single specimen collection kit 100/case
91020 Photo of specimen collection kit 90ml single specimen collection kit with evidence tape seal (wide-mouth) 100/case
91024 90ml single specimen collection kit (wide-mouth) 100/case
92023 Photo of specimen collection kit Split specimen collection kit (same as #90111 with additional 45ml transport vial 100/case
CNLL2000 11ml flip-top vial 2000/case
CNLL500 11ml flip-top vial 500/case
LI02 40ml storage vial (28x80mm) 500/case
LICAP2500 White snap on cap for 40ml vial (28mm) 2500/case
VETHC1500 13ml flip-top vial 1500/case
VETHC500 13ml flip-top vial 500/case

Flip-Top Vial - Light Sensitive

image of Flip-Top Vial - Light sensitive containers

For storage and transport of light sensitive samples, Capital Vial Canada offers three stock containers. Other containers pictured in this catalog can also be manufactured in amber or black in accordance with minimum production run requirements.

SKU Part Description Qty
02CL-LSAMBER 45ml amber vial (28x83mm) 600/case
02CL-LSBLACK 45ml black vial (28x83mm) 600/case
03CL image of 03CL dairy vial 3oz flip-top vial - 60ml vial (34x94mm) 400/case

Flip-Top Vial - Tamper Evident Custody

image of Flip-Top Vial - Tamper Evident Custody

Tamper evident vial is closed in the molding process and secured by a plastic arrow filament to prove it has never been opened from point of manufacture. Upon opening the vial, the plastic arrow will detach. The vial serves as an airtight, leakproof container for transport after collection.


  • Vial is closed and secured in the molding process
  • Filament arrow connects lid of vial to base to insure integrity
  • Arrow is broken when vial is initially opened

Details for Ordering

SKU Part Description Qty
02CC image of 2oz high profile custody clear container 2oz high profile custody clear container 600/case
03CC 3oz custody container 400/case
04CC 4oz custody container 250/case
05CC 5oz custody container 175/case
10155 45ml tamper evident transport vial 700/case
10CC 10oz high profile custody container 100/case
10LPCC 10oz low profile custody container 90/case

OEM Parts

image of OEM Parts

Our plastic testing devices and cups meet customer specifications. If part of your rapid result testing strategy will require engineering design expertise, mold development and production, please contact us for more information. Below is a sampling of some of the plastic parts has produced for the On-Site Testing market.

SKU Part Description Qty
no product - contact Contact us for more information


The Perfect Breast Milk Container System With consultancy with lactation consultants, nurses, and mothers in hospitals the Snappies was created to meet the needs of the breast feeding community. Now with the Snappies system, you can collect, store and feed from the same container


  • Easy to Use Flip-Top container; never lose a drop or the cap.
  • Easy opening tab design
  • Locking hinged lid gets out of the way during use
  • Easy to see milk volume numbers
  • Large base protects from falling over
  • Air-Tight and Leak-Proof for maximum shelf-life in storage
  • Fits most standard size nipples used for feeding
  • Convenient 70ml / 2.3oz size
  • Calibrated in mls for accurate feeding measurements
  • Space to write mother's name, date and collection time
SKU Part Description Qty
10253 image of 10253 Snappies container Snappies 200/box
10255-EF Image of Snappies 2.3oz/70ml Retail pack Snappies 2.3oz/70ml Retail pack 12 vials/pack

Transport Caddy with Tube Holder Insert

image of Transport Caddy with Tube Holder Insert

The Tube Caddy measures 63mm in diameter with a length of 110mm. The insert can be customized to hold various tubes for kit packaging and site-to-laboratory transport. Current configuration holds five tubes. The tube insert is removable so that accessioning and assembly personnel can access tubes and insert tubes using a standalone rack. Three lock down tabs secure the permanent hinge lid to the base of the container.


  • Ideal for transporting sample tubes for analysis
  • Incorporate into kit packaging to conceal and protect blood and urine tubes
SKU Part Description Qty
10023 Transport caddy with insert 100/case

Vial with Snap Cap

For general storage of small parts, Capital Vial Canada’s 40ml vial and snap cap is a universal container for home office, house-hold, production retention samples and general packaging.


  • Translucent vial for easy visibility of contents
  • Perfect for general storage of small parts
  • Tight fit snap on cap secures vial
SKU Part Description Qty
LI02 40ml storage vial (28x80mm) 500/case
LICAP2500 White snap on cap for 40ml vial (28mm) 2500/case
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