Breast Milk Storage

Our patented aseptic, airtight, leak-resistant containers assist lactation consultants, caregivers and mothers breastfeed easier in the early and critical months.


The Perfect Breast Milk Container System With consultancy with lactation consultants, nurses, and mothers in hospitals the Snappies was created to meet the needs of the breast feeding community. Now with the Snappies system, you can collect, store and feed from the same container


  • Easy to Use Flip-Top container; never lose a drop or the cap.
  • Easy opening tab design
  • Locking hinged lid gets out of the way during use
  • Easy to see milk volume numbers
  • Large base protects from falling over
  • Air-Tight and Leak-Proof for maximum shelf-life in storage
  • Fits most standard size nipples used for feeding
  • Convenient 70ml / 2.3oz size
  • Calibrated in mls for accurate feeding measurements
  • Space to write mother's name, date and collection time
SKU Part Description Qty Price CAD$
10253 image of 10253 Snappies container Snappies 200/box $165.00
10255-EF image of 10255-EF Snappies containers Snappies 2.3oz/70ml Retail pack 12 vials/pack $18.00
10259-EF image of 10259-EF 12 pack snappies box Snappies Retail Pack Wholesale 12 packs/box $216.00

Snappies Features


Store precious breast milk safely

Airtight and leak-resistant seal for maximum shelf life in refrigerator or freezer. Snappies® containers are airtight and leak-resistant, so precious breast milk can be stored safely.

image of snappies container with clickable features width=


Snappies containers are disposable, recyclable and dishwasher safe.

Flip-top cap is attached, so it will never be lost or dropped. Hinged lid locks back when in use and exclusive audible snap indicates a leak-resistant, airtight seal.


Know exactly how much baby has fed

Label section to write mother‘s name, date, collection time. Easy-to-read ml volume indicators.


Collect - Store - Feed

The baby can be fed from the same container by mothers and other caregivers.


Less risk of contamination.

Aseptic by manufacturing process so containers are always ready to use. Made of food-grade polypropylene material, won’t bind or hold fat during storage.


Over-sized base for stability

Designed with extra width base so it can not easily be knocked over.


image of breast pump with Snappies container attached


image of Snappies container with breast milk


image of Snappies container with teat attached


image of baby feeding from Snappies containers
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