Testing Supplies for Drug Abuse Off-Site

Capital Vial Canada offers single and split specimen collection and transport kits utilizing custom, high-speed automated assembly equipment. To insure the quality of the specimen collection kits, manual labor is minimized in the assembly process. The automated equipment places temperature strips on the collection cups, inserts absorbent pads into dual pouch specimen bags, and loads these components along with the transport vial(s) into the collection cup. A foil top seal is heat transferred to the rim of the collection cup resulting in a Class 10,000 sterile product.

The automated assembly process provides laboratories with a collection kit that features unparalleled consistency in terms of reproducible quality and insures the collection site that the product has never been opened or tampered with prior to collection.

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Analyzer Strip Cups

For increased productivity in preparing aliquots of urine for processing on Hitachi and Olympus chemistry analyzers,there are two different strip cups that fit into the equipment racks. Normally, lab personnel would be required to place individual cups in each rack bay. With the 5-Up (Hitachi analyzer) and 10-Up (Olympus analyzer) strip cups, lab personnel simply places the strip cups into the racks to save valuable time in the testing process.

SKU Part Description Qty
10005 5-up strip cup 800/case
10010 10-up strip cup 400/case

Dual Pocket Bio-hazard Bags for Specimen Transport

image of Dual Pocket Bio-hazard Bags for Specimen Transport

Absorbent pads sold preassembled in bag or separate The dual pocket specimen bag features a removable liner that exposes a robust adhesive for sealing both compartments of the bag. Specimens are inserted into the front pocket. Requisition or sensitive documents are stored in the back pocket. The bag features a printed Bio hazard symbol and instructions for use. Capital Vial Canada’s specimen transport bag is available with and without an absorbent pad.

SKU Part Description Qty
20315 Dual pocket specimen transport bag with absorbent sheet 1000/case
20338 Dual pocket specimen transport bag 3000/case
30101 3x4 absorbent pad 1000/case

Specimen Collection Kit

image of Specimen Collection containers

Single specimen collection kits consist of an 8oz collection cup, temperature indicator strip, specimen bag with absorbent pad and a 45ml transport vial. Items are sealed inside the collection cup with a foil top lid. To use, simply peel away the foil top lid and remove the components inside the cup. Provide the donor with the collection cup. Once the collection is complete, pour off 30ml of urine into the transport vial. Now seal the vial by closing the hinged lid on top until it snaps closed (note: evidence tape may be administered over the top of the vial to protect the integrity of the specimen—supplied separately as requested). 

The vial should be placed in the front pocket of the specimen bag while the completed requisition is placed in the rear pocket. Seal the specimen bag by removing the blue release liner on the bag and folding the flap over the pockets. Unless a box is required to transport the specimen to a test laboratory, arrange for courier transport to the laboratory of choice using the couriers recommended guidelines and transport packaging. Temperature reading of the initial specimen should be administered as laboratory test guidelines indicate.

SKU Part Description Qty
90111 Photo of 90111 vial Single specimen collection kit 100/case
91020 Photo of specimen collection kit 90ml single specimen collection kit with evidence tape seal (wide-mouth) 100/case
91024 90ml single specimen collection kit (wide-mouth) 100/case
92023 Photo of specimen collection kit Split specimen collection kit (same as #90111 with additional 45ml transport vial 100/case

Temperature Indicator Strips

image of Temperature Indicator Strips

Temperature indicator strips are available separately for self application. To use, simply peel the strip off of the wax paper backing and apply to your container or vial. The temperature measurement range is 89°F to 100°F. A bright green or tan dot will appear under a temperature marking so that you can accurately record the specimen temperature reading. Available in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

SKU Part Description Qty
35101 Fahrenheit temperature indicator strip 30/bag
35105 Celsius temperature indicator strip 30/bag

Wide-Mouth Flip-Top Vial

image of Wide-Mouth Flip-Top Vial

Industry standard for urine collection & transport The 90ml flip-top vial is constructed of 100% polypropylene resin. The vials are leak-proof containers that have been tested for binding properties against major drugs of abuse testing targets such as marijuana and cocaine. During transport and storage, the polypropylene material prohibits drugs from binding to the walls of the container to insure optimum test results. The lid of the vial is attached to the container via a permanent hinge. Available in a variety of configurations as highlighted in the chart.

SKU Part Description Qty
10102 90ml wide-mouth container 400/case
10109 90ml flip to vial with band seal 400/case
10113 90ml container with temperature strip and band seal 400/case
10114 90ml wide-mouth container with temperature strip 400/case
10150 120ml flip to vial (43x90mm) 275/case
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